About Us

Heritage Church is a reformed community of believers seeking to glorify God in all we do.

We are a confessional church holding to the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647)

It is no revelation that doctrine has been vastly watered down over the past 100 years in American churches. Statements of faith have become less defined in order for churches and organizations to be more inclusive. For certain secular institutions there may be some warrant for this, but for the church’s unity and health, doctrine must be well defined.

We are a family integrated ministry

Too often families come to church only to find their families split apart as soon as they walk in the door. The adults go one direction, the children go another, and sometimes they do not see each other again until it is time to go home. We at Heritage believe there is a more biblical and therefore better way to worship and serve God.

We are seeking to maintain the biblical marks of a true church

Many modern churches today are not biblical churches because they have rejected or neglected the biblical marks that validate a true church. During the Protestant Reformation, the Church identified three biblical marks of a true church. At Heritage, we are striving to uphold the integrity of a biblical church by maintaining these three marks.

We are a Reformed Church

The modern church has all but lost our connectivity with the historic Church, and is quickly drifting away from its mooring of orthodoxy. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, and therefore, we defend the truths that were rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation.

Denominational Affiliation

Heritage is a member of Covenant Presbyterian Church. More information about this denomination can be found at www.Covenant-Presbyterian.org.