Psalm Sings

Psalm Sings

Heritage Psalm Sings are held monthly. These events call our congregation together to worship and learn by singing the great psalms and hymns of our faith.

Historic Hymns

Historically, the Church has had a rich tapestry of music woven through the fabric of her existence. Men like Isaac Watts, John Newton, William Cowper, Charles Wesley, Philip Bliss, Martin Luther, and many others too innumerable to recount, have added to the fabric of hymnody in the Church and we love singing these old hymns that remind us of the historicity of Christ’s Church and those who have blazed the path before us.

The Singing of Psalms

But the historic roots of our singing go further. While at our Psalm Sings we do sing corporately these great hymns of the church that remind us of our historic roots and our great heritage, we also hold a high view of God’s songbook, the Psalms. Singing the psalms is an integral part of our worship.

The practice of psalm singing has been lost within the church today. They are the oldest expression of music in the church and are a part of our heritage as the people of God. The psalms were written to be sung, and by singing them, we are singing pure inspired Scripture. By learning the psalms, we hear the gospel message in song and are able to commit to memory a large portion of Scripture.

Modern Hymnody

But we also acknowledge that the work of hymnody is ongoing. We love to sing good and theologically sound hymns written by modern composers of the day. One such composer we love to utilize is Greg Wilbur, whose work has woven its way into our Lord’s Day liturgy, and into our Psalm Sings.

Hymn of the Month

We also have a hymn or psalm of the month each month that we learn together as a congregation. We believe that having a good understanding of music encourages us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, and it is a wonderful thing to grow together as a congregation in our learning and understanding of music. We rehearse the hymn in unison and in four parts (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass).