The Lord's Day

Dedicated to covenant renewal, the worship of Almighty God, the edification of the saints, and fellowship one with another.

Prayer Service - 9:30am

It is important for Christians to pray together. Jesus’ model for prayer presented in The Lord’s Prayer uses the first person plural pronouns, “our,” “us,” and “we” indicating that this prayer is prayed among, and with, others. Prayer is not only a means of grace to sanctify us individually, but also a means to sanctify us corporately and advance the kingdom of God. We believe that it is important, for the welfare of our own personal spiritual estate, the welfare of our homes, and the prosperity of Christ’s Church, that our members regularly gather together to pray for one another, our nation, and for Christ’s kingdom.

Morning Worship - 10:30am

All true worship is offered to God in heaven itself. When we come together to worship, we join the heavenly crowd already surrounding the throne of God praising Him. It is a transcendent time for God’s people who still reside here on earth. Our morning service is the time where we corporately come together as God’s people to meet with our God to hear Him freshly pronounce His promises and will to us, and we in turn, recommit our lives to our Lord and King, in confession of sins, in praise and prayer, with thanksgiving and a renewed trust in what our Lord has provided, and with a commitment to obey what is revealed by the grace of God. In this sense then, our service is a covenant renewal ceremony. And by faith through the work of the Holy Spirit, we meet with Christ at His Table and receive the benefits of His redemption and saving grace. Therefore, as part of our weekly Sabbath worship, we partake of Communion as an important element of our corporate worship.

Lunch - 12:30pm

Since the church is a covenant community of God’s people, it is appropriate that we share our lives together. Our Lord’s Day lunch is one occasion where we spend time informally, eating and enjoying one another’s company and fellowship. When we sit down at the table each Lord’s Day, we not only share our food and fellowship with one another, but our lives.

Afternoon Gathering - 2:00pm

After lunch, we come back together for an interactive time of edifying one another in singing and learning together. Each month we rotate between a Psalm Sing, a Head of Households meeting, Corporate teaching, and a Question & Answer time.

Fellowship - Evening

The whole day is set aside by God for our good and pleasurable enjoyment of Himself. Therefore, as fitting for the Sabbath, the rest of our day is spent in private devotion, family worship, rest, informal gatherings of God’s people together, evangelism, or works of mercy and ministry. We may informally gather in member’s homes for fellowship, or we may meet in someone’s home for a festive celebration of a child’s baptism, or spend a quiet evening meditating on the Word and works of God.