Wine in Communion

As the title of this article implies, we have made a change in an element of communion. Perhaps a better question for the broader Evangelical Church would be, “Why did we ever change the wine in communion to grape juice to begin with?” This question addresses the heart of the matter more pointedly. It is important for the reader to know the biblical teaching on wine and the cultural context into which this article is written. This cultural context is the twentieth century American Church influenced by the temperance movement of the mid-nineteenth century. I will attempt to show why I think this movement has perverted the rightful administration of the sacrament of communion by changing the element from what Christ used, desired, and intended for the sacrament. If one of the marks of a true church is the rightful administration of the sacraments, as the Reformers declared, then changing an element in communion has profound implications, especially if that change moves us away from the biblical observance of what Christ instituted. I hope the reader will be open to the following assertions and prayerfully consider the importance of the proper observance of communion in his own life…

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